Hey lovies! So I know a lot of girls try so hard to lose weight and get their waist smaller. During the struggle period, I believe we need to fake it till we make it. So, before all the extra fat comes off, I'm showing you some hacks to create the illusion of a much smaller waist. Enjoy :D 

"Eating Fruits Made Me Fat"

Does eating fruits actually make you fat???? Recently, I have been getting so many comments from people about my healthy living journey saying that because I eat fruits, I'm going to get very fat. I've decided to address this and give my opinion/advice about it. Enjoy :D

Cranberry Makeup ft Kylie Cosmetics & Juvias Place

Hey lovies! I put together this reallyeasy cranberry makeup tutorial because I recently got the Kylie Cosmetics Mary Jo K lip kit from @Ambassadorelle on instagram and I really wanted to do a look that matches the lip colour. I hope you enhoy it.
Also, I listed all the products I used below :)