Beauty & Tech stuff on my birthday wishlist| 2017

He lovies!!! My birthday is so close (July 21st) and I have a birthday wishlist already cooked up. It's always fun sharing the things that have recently tickled my fancy with all my beautiful readers. I always get nervous around my birthday for unknown reasons. Does that also happen to you?
Anyhoo, see below the list of beauty and tech things on my wishlist this year :)


Blogging/vlogging is so expensive and it seems like all your tech needs can never be satisfied :(

Sony Alpha a5100 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50mm 

I've been in love with this camera since last year. I mainly want this camera for vlogging because I can't be carrying around my heavy Canon dslr with one arm. I also love the flip up screen feature it has.
This camera costs about $498.
It's sold HERE

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM Lens for Canon

I fell in love with this bad boy lens some weeks ago and I can't seem to get it out of my mind! I keep dreaming of all the beautiful magical babies me and this lens could create together. You think my youtube game is on point now? Just wait till I get this baby might take a long time but you can still wait (._.) 
This one costs a whooping $800 
It's sold HERE

DJI Mavic Pro

It really feels like everyone and their grandma has a drone except me. I mainly want this baby for vlogging and so that I could show off my videography skills on youtube hehehe. I also love how compact it is despite its ability to shoot in complete 4k quality.
It costs $999
It's sold HERE

LuMee Duo for iPhone 6s

Ever since I tried my friend (Sarah's) Lumee case, I've been wanting one. It just makes your iphone photos and videos 100x more beautiful and attractive. I still think it's really expensive for a phone case but I don't mind getting it as a gift ;) 
It costs $70 
It's sold HERE


This is the first time I don't have a lot of things on my beauty list. It's probably because new things keep coming out and I've gotten a little bit confused on what to get nowadays.


I recently smelled this perfume on someone and it immediately got on my wishlist. I don't think I can ever forget how beautiful that woman smelled that day.

I personally think that Yves Saint Laurent makes the best luxury lipsticks. They are all so gorgeous, they glide beautifully on the lips and they are super pigmented. This lipstick range in particular is on my wishlist. I'm definitely getting it :D

18" Dimmable LED Vanity Ring Light with Stand, Carrying Bag and Accessories

I've been wanting a ring light for so long now but this particular one from Impressions vanity is what I really love. Getting it shipped to Nigeria has been a major concern but just know that once I get my ring light, I'll probably be waking up at midnight to film youtube videos and take makeup photos :)

What other things are on your wishlist? Please share them with me! I'm really curious to know :D


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