Hey Lovies! So I know how hard it is to drink water. Honestly, water can seem so boring sometimes and I understand why you would prefer to reach for a bottle of coke than a bottle of water.
In this post, I'm showing you guys 5 fun ways to make your water more desirable and to make drinking of water more attractive.

  • Eat Your Water
I'm pretty sure a lot of you have already heard of how important it is to also eat your water.
During your diet, I recommend eating fruits that are 85% and above water based. Fruits like strawberries, grape fruit, cucumbers and watermelon. This way, you are not only getting some liquids into your system but also getting more fibre which will eventually lead to you feeling fuller during the day which is perfect for weightloss!!

  • Drink from a fancy cup/bottle
There's just something very appeasing about drinking water from a fancy cup or bottle. We are attracted by what we see, so putting your water in a fancy cup or bottle will surely help you to drink more water. I recommend getting one that is in your favourite colour.

  • Drink more tea
Well this really makes sense doesn't it?  I really love taking water but sometimes I would much rather drink a nice cup of tea. I recommend Green Tea or Oolong tea which really help in getting rid of toxins and aids your weightloss. They have 0 calories so basically,  you are drinking water but with the added health benefits of the tea.

  • Add fruits to your water
Adding fruits to your water just gives your water that oomph! effect you have been craving for. Basically, all you have to do is add some nice fruits like strawberries, lemon slices or cucumbers into your water to add more flavour to your water thereby, making it waaay less boring. It also adds the extra nutrients from the fruits into your water. I really love munching on the fruits after drinking the water hehehe ;)

  • Set reminders/Use apps
Setting reminders on your phone to drink more water is a really great idea! A lot of times we get preoccupied by our daily life activities and we forget about the fact that we made a New Year resolution to drink more water! Setting hourly reminders will help you a lot.
You can also track your water intake by downloading certain water apps like Aqualert for Iphone and Android. The apps also remind you regularly to drink some water.

So I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Please leave a comment about any thought and suggestion you have. Thank you! :)

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