Hey lovies! I got an invitation to be an official blogger for the Nigerian natural hair & beauty show. Although, this is old news if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat "themakeupmind". In case some of you don't know, I recently cut off my hair and joined the natural hair gang (see my post about it HERE). I'm still learning a lot of things so being able to attend this event was really beneficial to me.
Several natural hair and beauty influencers were invited from around the world to educate us more on this wonderful movement. There were different workshops held during the day and I learned very good things from all the ones I attended. I also took many photos just for you guys to have a little idea of what went on. Enjoy!! :D

Ijeoma of Klassy Kinks educating us on colouring your natural hair
There were many vendors selling natural hair and beauty products
Of course, Kinky Apothecary had a stand too
The Kinky Apothecary stand had a place where people could get henna tattoss!!
Representatives of  'ARM pension' were also there
The Zaron stand had all their popular products
The Hegai & Esther stand also had all their popular products
It was so exciting to meet Kiitana who is one of the ladies that inspired my love for crotchet. 
It was so hard to get all the speakers together but I tried my best hehehe

It was really nice meeting Ronke Raji (YouTuber & Instagram baddie)
If you don't know Lola Maja, I wonder what you're doing in Nigeria! She's one of the most sought after makeup artists in the country but she's so humble!. Also, see how pretty she looks without makeup.
Deola of was my partner in crime that day
The VIP lounge had a spot where people got free manicures
'Absolut' was at the VIP lounge to serve drinks
I also got my first henna tattoo!!! 

Maje Ayida also came to give us some advice on the importance of exercise
There were also a few workout demonstrations
Honestly, this was a really fun experience and it is probably one of the best decisions made about the Nigerian beauty industry. Thanks to the lovely people at & for organizing this event. I already look forward to #NNBH2017 

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  1. NNHB? How come I missed out on that? Ordinarily I'm on the lookout for such kind of events. It looked like there was a lot of attendance. Even yagazi was able to make it, weird. Awwww

    Is there going to be a sequel event to that soon?