Hey lovies! This particular topic is something that i'm really passionate about. I see a lot of girls on Instagram everyday with really beautiful engagement rings but for some reason, it just doesn't go with their skin so the true beauty of these rings don't come out. If you plan on wearing a ring for the rest of your life, the least you could ask for is to at least get a ring that fits your skin perfectly. The thing that determines whether your ring would look pretty on you or not, is called your 'undertone'. I explain everything in the video below. I love you guys and want the best for all of you and that's why I made this video. Make sure you share this post to your social media too. Your friend might benefit from this!! :D
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  1. I like this. I've always noticed gold looks beautiful on me. I guess I'm warm toned. Thanks dearie.

  2. I like this! My boyfriend already knows I'd love a rose-gold ring cause that's what fits me. Well done and thumbs up girl.

  3. Lovely tips hun.x

  4. I'm still trying to find out what exactly my undertone is so this video was very helpful. Great post, as usual. God bless!.