Hey lovies! In a bid to get easily accessible and affordable primers, I came across this Tara face primer in my favourite beauty store close to my home. Before purchasing it, I searched for reviews of this product on the internet but could only find one which was not detailed enough. I took the risk to buy it because the owner of the store told me that it's really good. It's funny how people tell you to buy things just so that they can sell their products  -____-
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The packaging of this product is superb. I love it. I really do. The black packaging just gives it a very nice and sleek look. The font of the words on it are just perfect. I love the way the primer creates a nice pattern in the bottle.
This product also comes with a very high quality pump which makes the use of this product very easy.
This is a completely odourless product and it is also oil free, which is a plus in my opinion. Upon application, this feels like gel on the face. Most of the primers I use contain silicone so I guess that's why I'm used to the smooth texture of those. But this product just feels like I'm plastering my face with gel. Long story short, it doesn't feel nice on my skin.
Okay let's forget about the texture for a bit. The company claims that this is a mattifying primer but I beg to differ. It is not mattifying and there's basically no difference between when you use this primer and when you don't. The result is still the same as I keep coming back home with parts of my face shining bright like a diamond. I've used this primer with different foundations under different weathers and the makeup doesn't last any longer than it usually would.
I'm so disappointed that something that looks so nice doesn't meet up to what I expected. 
Although, the Tara brand has many wonderful products, this just Isn't one of them

PRICE: N3,500 (prices are subject to change)



  1. I agree with you. Also bought the primer bcos the sales rep recommended it, but it does nothing for me. Getting this primer is just a waste of money.

  2. the only truly matte affordable primer I've tried is the no7 beautifully matte that thing is the bomb.com comes a close second to the industry top like becca and makeup forever matte primer

  3. And I had huge plans of buying this tomorrow... Thanks!!

  4. This was so helpful . Lool! Was considering buying it. Can you recommend a good and affordable primer . Thanks