Hey lovies!  I never even knew LA girl had pressed powders!  When I set my eyes on the LA girl pressed powders,  I couldn't control my curiosity.  There were so many questions in my head that I went on and bought 6 different shades because of how cheap they are he hehe X_X

The packaging of the boxes is really simple and okay.  It's nothing out of the ordinary actually.  The case that contains the product is a black plastic case which has their logo engraved on it. It feels averagely strong and as good as some more expensive brands. It also comes with a powder puff applicator for people who don't have powder brushes.
Their product has a very wide range of shades to choose from and goes from really dark to fair/pale skin. So you're very likely to find your own shade in the collection. It's actually not a surprise as LA girl is known to cater to all shades of skin (high five to them!).
When it comes to the texture of the product,  it doesn't feel as smooth and finely milled as some of the more expensive face powders I've used.  Neither does it feel chalky but it somehow rests between these two textures. 
Due to its texture, this product applies a lot more than you'd expect! It's like the product just glues to your brush and this would work if you're someone that likes the very "powdered" look. But if you're someone that prefers a lightly powdered look, then you would have to be careful when picking up this product with your brush.
Overtime,  I realized that this powder isn't for the hot weather. If you know you're going to be under the sun a lot, then you're better off not using this because it oxidises after about two hours of heat.  But,  if you're someone that doesn't come in contact with the sun very often, e.g whichever place you're going to has a/c.  Then you're good to go.  It's also good for the winter/rainy cold days.
The only shade I have a problem with is "espresso" which is supposed to be the darkest shade but comes off as ashy on the skin.  So I think they need to go back to their lab and work on this shade again.
Sorry I didn't do swatches for you guys! I have no excuse lol! 
Considering the price of this product and how it fairs compared to some other products of the same price, I'd give this a 3/5 rating.
Price: N1,500 - N2,500 (prices are subject to change)


  1. Nice! Great review. I won't waste my money on them then.

  2. what shades are the powders in the picture? xx