I used to pride myself with the fact that I've never been scammed with fake beauty products. Heck! I even have a post on how to spot fake makeup products. Unfortunately, I've finally been someones mugu and it doesn't feel good at all. I never even thought maybelline had fake products in the market but I guess as the demand of a product increases, so does the pressure to make fakes.
When I was shopping for this product, I wasn't even conscious of whether there was a fake or not. I just pointed to the maybelline colossal kajal and mascara, then the woman selling it happily packaged it in a nylon for me (she was probably celebrating her victory because I didn't even check the package). 

The first thing that made me realize that this product was a fake when I got home was the writing. Maybelline is a billion dollar brand and believe me when I say that the print/format of the words and letters written on the package of their products will be written with a very clear and nice font. If you look at the images below, you can see that the writing isn't very clear. I mean the print on the product looks ugly and amateurish.

I've never used the maybelline colossal kajal before but from the printed letters on the product you would know it's a fake. You can also google photos of the original kajal packaging (I can't use internet photos here because of copyright infringement/lawsuits).

As for the mascara, maybelline mascaras NEVER come separated. the wand and container are always together and never separated like the one you see above. When I bought this, I actually thought that maybelline had changed their pacakaging so I gave no thought to it.

Its also very important to purchase makeup products from a trusted seller. It was my first time purchasing products from a seller I heard/knew nothing about. I was at a busy area in Lagos market shopping for weaves. I saw this tiny little stall and decided to buy the products. So, I advice that if you're ever buying from a seller for the first time, go through each and every product that is sold in their store to make sure that what they're selling isn't fake. 

Some of these people even sell on platforms like konga, jumia, olx, kaymu and jiji. They even use it to boast to you and just to convince you that they are authentic sellers. I advise you read seller reviews on those websites before listening to what they're saying. Also, some people purchase and use these products without even knowing that they're using a fake looool!!!!

There are many photos on the internet showing the differences between the fake and real products. These products come from China and are sold worldwide, not only in Nigeria. They're also sold on ebay and many other sites. Don't be afraid to ask for a refund or exchange when you realise what you purchased is a fake.
I love you guys and I hope this never happens to any of you!
What are your thoughts on this? I would love to see your comments below!!


  1. Nice one! ..I know the feeling when one buys makeup and finds out its fake...Maybelline mascara is one I love and I ve used for a long while.. Am gonna be on the watch out.

  2. Haha, recently I saw this deal on Ebay, 4 sticks of Maybelline Colossal Kajal for £8. Like a mumu I bought it. I didn't realise it was fake until I used it. I bought it cos I've used it before and I know it stays for a loooong time but this one would fade away after about 4 hours. That's how I knew it was fake smh. Great post. xx

  3. Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful! Mac Makeup

  4. Unfortunately I got a fake batch from Poise in Ikeja city Mall. I have never been so disappointed. I had bought the original several times from them before so I didn't even pay attention when it was being packaged for me, only to get home and find out that it was fake. Paid full price for a fake product which I couldn't return because I was travelling that day. I used them like that nevertheless. Money spent must be used. Lol