Hey love birds! This post is specially for my lovies who have something to do this valentines period. Just in case you're not single like me *cries in eternal loneliness*. You're definitely going to love this post! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch a ton of romantic movies while all my friends and my sister make plans for valentines ( ._.)
1. Flirty long lashes
There is absolutely nothing as inviting as long flirty lashes. The particular kind of style I recommend is one that isn't too full. The length of the lashes is the star of the show here. Using these kind of lashes doesn't make it look like you tried too hard to look pretty. It's also a really sexy look to wear on a dinner date. 

2. Simple eye makeup 
Depending on what exactly you're trying to achieve, a very simple eye makeup is a lot more sexier than you might think. A simple eye makeup paired with those long lashes just makes your eyes a lot more easier to look at. The plan here is for your partner to think "omg, she's so pretty. Her eyes are so soft and inviting". Sometimes a smokey eye can actually bring a lot of confusion to the eyes, making it hard for your partner to drown in those pretty eyes of yours.

3. Popping red lips
When I say popping, I mean really popping lips. There's no time to play here. Nothing says "kiss me" like a girls red pout. You can use other bright colours but there is just something really sexy about the colour red don't you agree?

4. Perfume
Ummmmm. Why am I even mentioning this? I believe all my amazing blog readers would know that a nice, soft, flowery scent is the way to go on valentines day. Remember, the aim is to make your partner want to get closer to you and not to run away from you because it took you 2 hours to get ready so you ended up smelling like a bag of sweats because you were late and had to rush out. There is no excuse for failure on valentines day hehehe :p

5. A Smile
Nothing is more beautiful than seeing your significant other smile. It could turn his world downside up and inside out. A smile is the best makeup you could ever wear and don't you ever forget that. Even though the waiter at the restaurant took 30 minutes to get your order, the cab you took from your house charged a little too much, or your dress is too tight for you to eat all the delicious food on the plate. Just smile :) 

Also, don't forget to take fresh mints because you might be receiving a few kisses and I'm pretty sure you don't want your breath smelling like the spaghetti, meatballs and red wine you just had for dinner haha!
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  2. Great tips I loved your last makeup tutorial!