Essie "meet me at sunset" nail polish review

Hey lovies! Happy new year & welcome to 2016! I really hope our little blog family would grow bigger and better this year. 
I'm reviewing this Essie nail polish just because of how beautiful it is. This nail polish was a love at first sight for me.

The Essie nail lacquer in "meet me at sunset" is really true to its name. It is a deep burnt orange shade that isn't too dark, so it kind of looks like the colour of the setting sun which is one of the most beautiful shades of colour that nature gives us.
I've been using this nail polish for months now and it still hasn't shown any signs of drying or clogging up which is a huge plus for me. The formula is really great and application is very smooth. It also dries really fast when applied on the nails. On my natural nails, this baby lasts for as long as 4 days without chipping. These 4 days include chores like doing the dishes which you know is the number one nail polish spoiler. Sometimes I use this without a base coat or a top coat and it still lasts that long.
I give this polish a 4.5/5 rating.
Average price: N2,000
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