Top 5 beauty products by makeup artists, Pamela Obi and Toni Esu

Hey guys! In this post, two makeup artists would be telling us their top 5 makeup products that they can't live without and has to be in their makeup kits! Toni Esu would be telling us about her top 5 products in general, while Pamela Obi would be telling us her top 5 branded products! I hope you all enjoy! XoXo! 


1) Beauty blender: I've been crazy about the beauty blender of late. In fact, I have abandoned all my foundation brushes for this bad boy! THIS IS THE KEY TO FLAWLESS FOUNDATION APPLICATION! No more streaks of lines caused my foundation brushes. I think it is a must for all makeup artists to own a beauty blender. I wish I had jumped on it way earlier. I was busy dulling myself and feeling like I didn't need it but now I am having the time of my life using it with absolutely no regrets. Buy one now and enjoy the awesomeness of a beauty blender! I love the original beauty blender as well as the real techniques miracle sponge. 

2) Highlighter: Highlighting is the in-thing now! You can't ignore this one. It has now become and essential tool most makeup artists use for that healthy glow on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead region and cupids bow. They can turn your makeup from basic to bombshell! Get one today and glow for Jesus!

3) Face primer: no one wants a their makeup wearing off before time. Invest in a very good face primer for long lasting makeup. If you're someone with an oily skin, you definitely can't run away from this. I use the No7 beautifully matte primer. 

4) Mascara: add volume, length and drama with a good mascara. Mascaras spice up your eye look. If you're not the false lashes kinda person, you should invest in a mascara. I personally can't do without one. Even when I decide not to wear makeup I always reach for a mascara to open up my eyes and add a little drama. My all time fave mascara is the maybelline falsies. 

5) Blending brush: you've heard it over and over again that blending is key to a flawless makeup application. Thus making a blending brush an essential tool. For the fleekest eyeshadow game, use a blending brush to blend away those harsh lines of terror!
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Hey guys! I'm just going to go straight to the point with these products I love so much! Enjoy 
1. Anastasia Beverlyhill dip brow pomade: Gosh the product is everything! its leaves your brows intact for hours and it is sweat/water proof so you don't have to be scared about it wiping off ;)

2. Mehron setting powder: I never go anywhere without this product! It has antiperspirant to keep your makeup intact for at least 15 hours! It's quite amazing tbh! 

3. Beauty blender: I use it as my foundation sponge. It makes my work so flawless! You can easily spread the foundation round the face and it also makes it look very light weight. (Maranatha here: when you see they both mentioned the same product, you know it's definitely worth it!)

4. House of Tara Osomote Lip pencil: my everyday lip pencil, I guess I can't do nothing without it that's why I stock up to 5 in case it finishes.

5. Sigma eyeshadow blending brush: my favourite brush of all time! When I bought it, I was so pissed about the price *you'd think makeup brushes are supposed to be cheap but they're not -_-*. Anyways, here I am loving this brush every single day of my life when I was complaining about the price not so long ago. It is definitely worth it!
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Thank you  so much for reading this post guys! :D I may have to try the Mehron setting powder very soon! I've also been hearing a lot about the House Of Tara lip pencils and I'm definitely ready to try them.
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