Hey lovies! It's the end of the year and I think getting yourself a nice inexpensive eyeshadow palette might just make you a little bit jollier. I stumbled on the Makeup Revolution brand on Amazon UK and I just had to try out this palette. It's also good to know that a few stores in Nigeria sell some of the brand products as well. 

Sorry the palette looks messy! It went through months of use before the photos were taken hehehe.
This palette has 32 eyeshadow shades. It consists of a wide range neutral eyeshadows, a few fall shades and even fewer darker colors (in case you want to get your smokey eye vibe on). As for texture, it contains most of the shadows are shimmer and very few are matte. While most of the eyeshadows are quite pigmented, a small number of them aren't (which really isn't a problem considering the price).
Does it last long? Yes it does! I was so surprised to see that this shadow lasted for about 6 hours without creasing and without an eyeshadow primer! As for texture, most of the eyeshadows feels quite soft with a few of them feeling chalky. I'm really impressed with the Makeup Revolution brand.
The only downfall to it is that I wish it has a medium brown eyeshadow shade and also, some of the eyeshadows can look too shimmery especially on camera. This is no Urban Decay, but it's definitely worth your money! Here are swatches of some of my favorite shades.
Neutral/skin tone shades
Pinky and Icy shades
Fall colour shades
Gold shades
Dark/Smokey shades
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Price: £11.69 
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