Hello cosmetic brand companies, can you please stop giving your products names that are so long?! Lool! Okay, back to business!
W7 really isn't a worldwide popular brand. I remember seeing some of their products on Amazon but not paying so much attention to them. This primer got my attention when when my sister mentioned how different and "unflawless" her foundation looked the day she didn't wear it so I decided to give it a try.

There is nothing fancy or cute about the packaging of this product but at the price at which it is being sold, I really didn't expect much. 
This primer is a #1 best seller product on Amazon UK with a 4.5 out of 5 rating from over 1 thousand reviews, I really had my hopes up for this product.
The primer is transparent and has no colour at all. It comes out so easily from the tube and has no distinct smell/scent.
Upon application, It literally feels like you're rubbing your face with silk. It feels so smooth and soft on your skin and it dosn't feel like someone has just splashed water into your face like some other primers feel.
It provides a matte base for the foundation, concealer and powder. When I applied my foundation, it glided on so easily and soft and It literally made my skin look a lot prettier and natural.
Also, It reduces the apperance of pores and fine lines making the complexion smooth and flawless. My pores reduced the instant this bad boy touched my face and I was just too impressed.
The only negative thing about this primer is that it didn't make my makeup last any longer than it usually does. Although, the company never claimed this primer does that (from the description they provided).
This is one of the most inexpensive primers that I have come across that is actually worth the little money spent on it. For the price, you really cannot go wrong with this product! You're very likely to love the results! :)
Can we have more stores that sell W7 products in Nigeria please???
Please leave a comment below, I would love to know your thoughts! 


  1. I love this primer. Covers my pores and gives me a flawless look. The only negative part is it doesn't keep my face matte all day. Although as you said the product doesn't claim to prevent oily face syndrome. lol. All in all its a nice inexpensive primer, just that this Lagos sun be making my face shine bright like a diamond.
    Great review btw!