A few months ago, my sister looked at me and said "wow! I can't believe your hair line is receding at the age of 20!" I looked in the mirror and my front hair was completely bald! How did I never notice this?!  I began to think about my life and how I was going to be a 43 year old hairless woman. I was desperate to have edges again and since I don't have the money for a hair transplant, she recommended the Jamaican black castor oil to me and I jumped on the idea.

Worth it or not? Beauty Blender Micro.Mini

  I bought the beauty blender micro mini out of sheer curiosity. I've heard mixed reviews about this but I just wanted to see and have it for myself! I previously reviewed the normal Beauty blender on my blog and you can read it --->HERE. This is not a review but just to find out if it is worth buying or not.

U-Spicy 6 makeup brush set review (Very Affordable)

 I stumbled on the U-Spicy brand on Amazon UK and it led me to this particular brush set. I read the reviews on the brushes and people kept comparing them to Real techniques brushes. I just had to try them out!