Behind The Scenes:- Fashion Campaign photoshoot makeup for Shakara brand

Hey lovies! I decided to show you some behind the scenes photos of the makeup I did for some pretty models at a photoshoot for Nigerian fashion brand called "Shakara". The first model was made up to look innocent while the second was made up to look badass and gangster (based on the requests of the brand owner). No false lashes were also used based on request. Enjoy! :)

Please comment below! I would love to know your thoughts!!!! :D


  1. You did a great job!
    What lipstick did you use for both looks please?

    1. Thanks! I used the Jioney long lasting lipgloss (Red) & Sleek studio flash a pout lip stain in the shade Duke.

  2. i just like your page not too long and i have being going through your videos they are really amazing, good job keep it up and you look beautiful

  3. please look at my complexion and tell me what color of foundation and brown powder do i need to use thank you