Have you ever gone through just half of your day, you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror and realize that you look like you were dipped in cooking oil and fried like a chicken?? That must really suck! That's why I took a photo of myself looking sad above, but I think it was an epic fail so let's just pretend like the photo isn't there ( ._.) I was with one of my friends recently and she was telling me about her oily skin problems. I started sharing some tips with her and I decided not to be greedy and to share it with my wonderful readers too! :D Check out my tips for oily skin and I really hope you take notes because this WILL change your life! 

REVIEW: L.A Girl pro prep HD smoothing face primer

First off, can we just address the fact that these makeup companies keep coming up with long names for their products?! Lol! It just keeps getting ridiculous.
This L.A girl primer is truly what you call beauty on a budget. It is really inexpensive. Now let's see if this primer works any wonder at all.

Behind The Scenes:- Fashion Campaign photoshoot makeup for Shakara brand

Hey lovies! I decided to show you some behind the scenes photos of the makeup I did for some pretty models at a photoshoot for Nigerian fashion brand called "Shakara". The first model was made up to look innocent while the second was made up to look badass and gangster (based on the requests of the brand owner). No false lashes were also used based on request. Enjoy! :)