Urban Decay VS Lorac eyeshadow primer

I've been very loyal to the Lorac behind the scenes eyeshadow primer (whew! that name is a mouthful!) for a long time now. It's been working perfectly for me and I never saw a reason to change. I recently got my hands on the very popular Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion. While comparing these two, the results actually surprised me and I just had to share it with you guys.

The major difference between these two eyeshadow primers is their texture/consistency.
The Lorac has a very liquid consistency. This makes it easier to evenly spread around on the eyes.
The Urban Decay has a Much thicker consistency. Even spreading ofthe product isn't as smooth as the Lorac.
The two primers can actually work as an eyeshadow base. They both have a white colour which can help your eyeshadow pop and appear sharper. But the Lorac isn't as pigmented as the Urban decay so with UD, your eyeshadow would definitely stand out more.
Now, for the main reason why an eyeshadow primer actually exists or the question that's probably popping up in your head right now is "do they actually make my eyeshadow last long?". The answer is a big YES! Several times, I used the UD on one eye and used the Lorac on another eye. They both lasted for 17 hours without creasing! In that aspect, they're both on equal ground.
In my opinion, they're both wonderful products to invest in. Lorac is slightly more expensive than the urban decay but it all depends on you!
Lorac Price: N6,500
Urban Decay Price: N5,500
Buy Lorac here: BEAUTYKINK.COM
Buy Urban Decay here: BEAUTYREVNG.COM


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