Lagos Makeup Fair and Makeup Runway 2015

 Hey guys! I attended the LMUF 2015 event some time ago and it was oh so magical! They had the first ever makeup runway show in Nigeria where crazily beautiful makeup looks show cased. Let's just say that it is every makeup lovers dream. I really commend the people behind Pop Concepts for this beautiful and successful event. I actually placed a makeup ban on myself which was meant to end in august but when I heard this event was coming up, I just could not resist. All your favourite makeup stores and brands were there to sell at discount prices. It's also a place to get  products which are hard to find online and in stores. I also learned a valuable lesson that day "Never wear heels to go makeup shopping" lool! Let me stop yapping and let you feed your eyes on these beautiful event photos taken by yours truly :D


Hey hunnies! I know that for my dark skinned beauties, getting a contour shade that is actually dark enough to contour our face and body can be quite hard. I know your struggle and i've got you :D.
Recently, L.A girl came out with a few corrector concealers and also a very dark and very light concealer shade. The only thing I was interested in was that beautiful dark concealer and I kept imagining how pretty my contour would look :D      


Hey makeup and beauty lovers! This post was created by me to help all of you who are in love with makeup but also want to be prudent in spending your money. This video will definitely help you in so many ways. I'm a makeup junkie too so we're all in this together hehehe. Please excuse my crazy jokes In this video and my gangsta alter ego for dancing with money at the beginning of the video. Sometimes I just can't help it haha!
I hope you guys enjoy this video. Don't forget to like this video on youtube and subscribe to my Youtube channel! Love you and thanks for always supporting me :D

BH Cosmetics Glamorous blush palette review

Hey my loves! I can't believe it's nJune! We're halfway into the year already. I'm super excited!
Blushes are one makeup item I never spend a lot f money on. I mostly use sleek blushes but I also wanted a little more variety in my blush collection because I always tend to buy the berry shades. I ended up getting this palette because it was affordable and also has a variety of shades.