Hegai and Esther waterproof eyebrow definer (Nubia)

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Now back to business :D. I recently heard about Hegai and Esther brand. I was quite skeptical about it because I had never heard anything about the brand before. I went on their website and I fell completely in love. I got their eyebrow definer because I read a few good reviews about it and wanted to see if it's a worthy dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade which I reviewed (HERE).

The packaging of the product is quite simple. The product comes in just two different shades so, its not really a product for the masses but It will definitely work for dark skinned girls.
This product comes in a little glass jar. It might not break easily but it doesn't feel so sturdy either. 
It also comes with a brush which I think is quite useless in shape and use but it's good to know they had their customer in mind when doing this. I apply this product using an angled synthetic brush to fill in my brows.
I really love the consistency of this product. It's very creamy and I doubt it would dry up easily. Application is quite easy and sleek. A little bit of product goes a long way.
It's also a great product if you're into the really attractive type of brows. The ABH dipbrow has an ashy tone to it which makes your brows look more natural but the H&E eyebrow definer does not have that so you have to be very light handed when applying this.
It lasts about 8 hours before it starts to fade so compared to the ABH dipbrow, it's longevity is less. 
Compared o the ABH dipbrow pomade, the price is actually great! Although, the amount of product in the jar is like half of the product in the ABH dipbrow. This is good if you want a brow pomade but don't have alot of money to spend.
In my opinion, this product is actually worth the price. If you can afford the ABH dipbrow, you should definitely buy it, if not he you shoul try this brand.

Price: N2,000
Where to buy in Nigeria: Accessoriesng
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