Lime Crime Velvetine (Salem) Review

 If you remeber in my "2014 Christmas wishlist" post (HERE) I mentioned that I really wanted to try the lime crime velvetines but I wanted to get the entire range of colours at the same time but it was such an expensive task. So, i've finally decided to get them one at a time. My number 1 shade to get was Salem and that's what I'm reviewing now :D
Lime crime velvetines are liquid lipsticks that dry completely matte. 
First off, I am in love with their packaging because it's so cute, girly and inviting but I wish the tube containing the product didn't feel so plastic.
The product itself has a very nice vanilla scent to it. I've been holding myself back from licking it since I got it lol! It comes with a sponge-like applicator which I like because it helps with even and easy application of the product. 
I advise wearing some lip balm before applying this lipstick because it is EXTREMELY matte and can be drying. This is a downside for people who have dry lips but your lip balm is your saviour.
The product has a very liquid and thin consistency. So, it's definitely not creamy or glossy and that is probably why the tube feels so light weight.
Upon application, I found it to be very easy. It wasn't what I was expecting at all because of some liquid lipsticks I have tried. There were no streaks or patches and it all goes on evenly. You don't need a lot of product to fill up your lips. A little goes a long way for this bad boy. I usually dip the applicator into the tube once and that would be enough for my top and bottom lips. I'm definitely happy this product will last a long time. 
Salem is a dark drown lipstick and it is a very unique shade of lipstick. It was my number one shade to acquire in the collection. This lipstick looks different on every skin tone. It's dark and perfect for a fall look. Although it looks quite similar to "Gold coast" liquid lipstick from Taos cometics. It always looks great with a smokey eye. For dark skinned girls like me, it looks more like a nude (our skin tone) vampy lipstick. It's definitely not a shade you want to wear on a day you decide to look "normal". I advise pairing it with attractive eye makeup to counter the vampy and skin tone look on dark skinned girls.
I've tried mixing it up with different lipstick shades and it looks so good when mixed up too. I'm officially obsessed! It's definitely a keeper :D
Price N6,000, $20
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  1. Awww , this is such a nice shade and it really looks good on you, love it but mehn it is too damn expensive for me,6000 for a lippie , maybe when I start working or u could just do a giveaway on ur blog just for me

    1. lol! yes its very expensive. It's because of the ridiculous exchange rate. I'm sure i'lld be able to do a giveaway someday :D

  2. I love limecrime...have it in wicked n riot...they r gorgeous!!!jst ordered salem.cant wait

    1. I love the brand too! Photos of Wicked i've seen are so pretty. I will probably get that one next

  3. I've not tried lime crime but it's definitely something I look forward to trying soon. Nice review


  4. i love salem but fortunately i have a lip pencil that is a very very close dupe..i want wicked though.