Jioney long lasting lipgloss LLG7 Review

I went into a beauty store with the plan to just window shop and leave. But this Jioney lipstick caught my attention because of how red the product looked in the package. The store owner was surprised I had never heard of the brand. I asked her to give me their deepest red shade and she gave me the LLG7. Apparently, it's a popular brand but not so popular in Nigeria. For the price of this lipstick, it's definitely worth it! 

The packaging is very simple and it's nothing out of the ordinary. When I apply it on my lips, it's smell reminded me of the cheap lip gloss I used to buy when I was in secondary school. It's not a bad smell, it's just nothing special compared to the way these new products smell nowadays.
When I applied it on my lips for the first time, it actually felt like a lip gloss. The colour wasn't so attractive and I already regretted listening to the store owner. About 3 minutes later, I looked into the mirror again because it had dried matte. My first thought was OMG! The colour had changed completely compared to when it was glossy. It became a cool toned sexy red shade. I became obsessed with my lips and stared at the mirror for a long time. My sister said "this your new lipstick looks like Ruby Woo o" dupe alert! After that day, I used it every single day for one week.
Contrary to what I heard about it, application isn't very smooth and easy. For a perfect application, you would have to work fast because it tends to become streaky and patchy when applying it in layers. If you want something similar but with better application, you should try "Eko City" liquid velvetine from Taos Cosmetics
As for longevity, this baby lasts all day. I don't even need to use a lip liner before applying it. Removing it can be a hassle because soap, wipes and water can't take it off. You would need a good makeup remover to take this off. To be honest, these swatches don't do this colour any justice. It's so much prettier and deeper in real life.
One downside to it though is that it is so matte to the extent that using a lip balm before applying it does not even help matters. It's either you bear the uncomfortable feeling or you don't use it at all. But in my opinion, beauty is pain baby! Haha! 
Another downside to it is that I've used it a couple of times now and it's almost half way finished so if you plan on making this your everyday red lipstick, then you'd probably be purchasing one every month. It's also not a product that is common or easy to come by. 
Have you tried the Jioney long lasting lip gloss before? Do you know any product similar to this? Please comment below, I would love to know your thoughts :) 
Price: N1,500
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  1. I love the lipstick, i've used it once and it does look like ruby woo. Downside it applies like superglue -_-

    1. Lmao! ikr! the application is so annoying. I guess the price we pay for it is too low. But the shade is really pretty