Jioney long lasting lipgloss LLG7 Review

I went into a beauty store with the plan to just window shop and leave. But this Jioney lipstick caught my attention because of how red the product looked in the package. The store owner was surprised I had never heard of the brand. I asked her to give me their deepest red shade and she gave me the LLG7. Apparently, it's a popular brand but not so popular in Nigeria. For the price of this lipstick, it's definitely worth it! 


How annoying is it when you're just half way through the day and your makeup looks like its melting off and crying for help? Or those days when half of your brows have disappeared to who knows where?? o.O Here, I give you my own personal tips on how I get my makeup to last all day! I hope you learn a lot from this. I had a lot of fun creating this video. Too many jokes were cracked =))

Lime Crime Velvetine (Salem) Review

 If you remeber in my "2014 Christmas wishlist" post (HERE) I mentioned that I really wanted to try the lime crime velvetines but I wanted to get the entire range of colours at the same time but it was such an expensive task. So, i've finally decided to get them one at a time. My number 1 shade to get was Salem and that's what I'm reviewing now :D