5 ways to spot fake makeup products!

Isn't it so annoying when you take your hard earned money to a store, just to later realize that you bought a knock-off of the original product? It is one of the worst feelings ever! So, in this post I have 5 tips for you to make sure that you never buy a fake product ever again!

In this video, I have given my not-so-secret ways of detecting a fake product. Here are highlights of the tips mentioned in the video.
  • The price
  • The smell
  • The vendor
  • The packaging
  • Skin reaction/irritation
I explained a lot in this video and even shared my experience. Plus, my inner ratchetness surfaced a little =)) Haha! Please watch the video in HD to see it at its best quality and don't forget to like it and subscribe! I have a bunch of other videos and I cant wait to share them with you guys! :D
Please comment below, I would love to know your thoughts! :)


  1. Ratchet! Lmao
    Thanks for the tips girl!

  2. Really detailed and fun to watch too!

  3. Lovely Tips, I've literally read all your posts on the blog at the moment and I must say, they are really Awesome!!!
    Actually there are some big stores that sell fake makeup products and give it at the same price as the original and sometimes higher than it, so as to make more profit (I've been a victim of this 😥) . So, most times it takes instincts to detect.