Kiko #208 water eyeshadow (Used as highlight) | REVIEW

I've been using the kiko water eyeshadow as a highlight for some time now and I'm officially in love.
Joy Adenuga posted it on her Instagram page one day saying that it's an exact dupe for the limited edition Mac 'whisper of guilt' highlighter. From then on, I kept hearing about from other makeup artists and I knew I had to get my makeup addicted hands on them. I've never used the Mac highlighter but I'm pretty much in love this one. I'm sending a big kiss to whoever thought of using it as a highlighter.
The packaging of the eyeshadow is black and basic. What I love is the way the product itself looks. It looks like waves of water and that's most likely why they call it 'water eyeshadow'. I also like the fact that it comes with a good quality mirror which is great for times when you're on the go.
The #208 eye shadow is a beautiful champagne colour. It would look so gorgeous on the eyes of a bride or in the inner tear duct for a little eye sparkle. 
The texture is nice, fine and not grainy. I use it as a highlighter and it lasts on my face all day. I'm pretty sure it would last as long as an eyeshadow. This shade can go with any skin tone whether your dark, medium or fair and that's the best part about it to me :D
When being used, it's advisable not to put so much product on your brush or fingers because it tends to look over-packed on the face. So, using a light hand is key to a more natural glow. 
Do I recommend it? Of course I do! It's affordable, beautiful and of wonderful quality! 
Just be careful not to drop it because it breaks easily. I've learned the hard way :(

Price: £8
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  1. Ve hrd sooo much Abt this eyeshadow.pls which country n store did u purchase it from?

    1. It was sent to me from London. They have a website if you want to place an order and several stores in London, Europe and United states

  2. I'm going to buy it, thanks so much for the review!💕