4 tips to buying beauty products without regrets!!

Hey my loves! In this post I have a few tips to help you the next time you consider buying a makeup product. This is especially good for people who aren't as obsessed with makeup as I am and would want to invest their money wisely without regrets. I've bought quite a lot of makeup and I've had so many regrets. I keep getting more because I'm always in search of something different. Plus, if I don't keep getting products, there'd be nothing to review for you guys. Hehehe. Follow these 4 tips and watch your list of makeup regrets reduce :D

   1.Do a thorough research on the product.
This is one thing I never fail to do. Sometimes, companies describe products In such a wonderful way that it would get you drooling but when you read or listen to what people have to say about the products it would be the opposite. So, it's advisable to do a thorough research on the product. Read several reviews and look at photos of it on people who have tried it.

  2.Test the product and shade on your skin first
Most times, the colour of a product you see on a website is not the same in real life. If you have the opportunity of buying a product from a physical store, it's advisable to test the shade on your skin. If it's something one of your friends has, you can also try it out before buying yours. Make sure you go out in natural light to see the actual shade. Thank me later ;)

  3.Consider your skin type.
I don't think I can emphasize this enough. Most skin products are made for a particular skin type. It's either you have oily, dry, normal or sensitive skin. Getting products that are specifically made for your skin type are what will work best for you. Products made for people with sensitive skin usually don't contain harsh ingredients that would cause irritation. Also, products made for dry skin can't be used by people with oily skin unless you want to end up looking like a shiny disco ball all day. Haha! 

4. Don't judge a product by its packaging. 
I've suffered from this so many times! I think it is so bad when a product package is so beautiful but the product ends up being a bag of rubbish. It leaves me heart broken every time :( . Also, some products are so wonderful and work so well but come in the simplest package ever. 

These are just the few and most important tips I believe would help so much when buying beauty products. I hope it helps you in some way or another.
Do you have other rules you follow when buying beauty products? Please comment below. I would love to know your thoughts :) 


  1. Loving your makeup
    Interesting post XX


  2. I wish I read this before buying my 'bag of rubbish' sigh. I definitely won't make the same mistake again. Thanks for this.

  3. I like the way u drew ur eye brand I think I learnt something thanks dear