4 tips to buying beauty products without regrets!!

Hey my loves! In this post I have a few tips to help you the next time you consider buying a makeup product. This is especially good for people who aren't as obsessed with makeup as I am and would want to invest their money wisely without regrets. I've bought quite a lot of makeup and I've had so many regrets. I keep getting more because I'm always in search of something different. Plus, if I don't keep getting products, there'd be nothing to review for you guys. Hehehe. Follow these 4 tips and watch your list of makeup regrets reduce :D

Kiko #208 water eyeshadow (Used as highlight) | REVIEW

I've been using the kiko water eyeshadow as a highlight for some time now and I'm officially in love.
Joy Adenuga posted it on her Instagram page one day saying that it's an exact dupe for the limited edition Mac 'whisper of guilt' highlighter. From then on, I kept hearing about from other makeup artists and I knew I had to get my makeup addicted hands on them. I've never used the Mac highlighter but I'm pretty much in love this one. I'm sending a big kiss to whoever thought of using it as a highlighter.

Occ liptar- NSFW

I was so excited to get my first occ lip tar. I really love the uniqueness of their product and they have a large variety of shades for both the simple and daring girls. So, I decided to get a red shade because I've decided to expand my collection of red lipsticks. I also saw it on makeupshayla and it looked hella gorgeous hehehe.