Hi love buns! I have personally hand picked ten different beauty products that would move your makeup game from basic to *insert a cool word here*. Some of these products have been reviewed previously on the blog while some haven't. I've tried not to be product specific so don't limit yourself to the photos you see. Please explore and find what suits you best. I hope this helps you :D

1. A white eye shadow base. This can be used with almost every eyeshadow colour out there. It makes your shadow pop and some also act as a primer. It's my number one must have this year. I use the nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk.

2. A nude lipstick is very essential. A red lipstick can be cliché sometimes but you can never go wrong with nude. Plus, it can be worn dramatically or simple. my favourite is mac velvet teddy

3. A setting spray is that ultimate liquid that seems so basic but does so much! I use it everyday for so many things. I use the mac fix+ Checkout my review on it HERE

4. Every girl needs a soft blending brush for that flawless airbrushed eh shadow look. It's actually the secret to getting it. So, go get yourself a soft blending brush. Plus, you don't have to break the bank for this.

5. A darker and lighter concealer shade are both needed for that extra dimensional look. Get yourself one with a creamy consistency. Use this when highlighting and contouring. Thank me later ;) 

6. Well, this certainly changed my eyebrow game and took it to another level completely. It is THE game changer. Its like this product came into the beauty market and caused a revolution.The anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade is definitely an eyebrow must have. Checkout my review on it HERE

7. If I begin to talk about the beauty blender, I probably would never finished. Just note that it's the key to a flawless and perfect finish for your face makeup. I gave an in-depth review on it HERE.

8. A z-palette is very essential for those single eye shadows you love so much. Ain't nobody got time to buy palettes when you can custom make your own dream palette with your favourite eye shadows. It comes in so many colours, sizes and has a magnetic insert so that your eye shadow stays put. I call it my "sticky shadow pan" :D 

9. I mentioned having a nude lipstick but a nude lip gloss is just as important. It just creates this beautiful luscious pout that's so irresistible. You can use it alone, apply it on your nude lipstick to make it glossier and also use it on different colours of lipstick if you're feeling adventurous. 

10. I don't know about you but I really love my brown eyeshadows. This colour is extremely versatile. It can be used to blend other shades of eye shadows, it can be used as a transition colour, it can be used as a lid colour if you're going for a neutral look and it can be used for a smoky eye effect if you have a lighter skin colour. 
So, go on lovies! And show them how your makeup game has changed with these few products. 2015 is our year of flawlessness. But don't forget about your character because your inner beauty has a great influence on your outer beauty. Love y'all!
Please comment below, I would love to know your thoughts :)


  1. Nice write up.

  2. I really want to start purchasing mac shadows but I don't know how to go about it has the method of buying is all very confusing. What's refill and pan*arrggghhh*please help a sister out

    1. Its a magnetic palette that allows you to put together your favourite and most used eye shadows instead of buying a whole eye shadow palette. You have the option of creating one that you know you would definitely use. Its sold in many Nigerian online stores :)