Hey lovies! I got the Colourpop lippie stix in the shade "I heart this". It's my first time trying out the ever so hyped Colourpop lippie stix and I must say that I was very excited to try this particular product.


Hey guys! I'm so excited to bring another featured artist to this blog. Nanshins makeup is so badass and I'm happy to claim her as my friend anywhere with those looks :D You guys would love this post because I also learned a few things that I never even knew! 


Hey guys! It's December again. I remember writing my 2014 Christmas wishlist  last year and now another 12 months have gone by. So, I'm putting out this wishlist just in case I have someone that has a secret crush on me and would want to sweep me off my feet this Christmas holiday. Plus, if you know someone that wants to win my heart, just show the person this post hehehe.


Hey guys! I got these products and even took photos of them several months ago but I guess I totally forgot about it x_x. I got the Hegai & Esther gel eyeliners in the shades Currant & Emerald.


Hey lovies! It's the end of the year and I think getting yourself a nice inexpensive eyeshadow palette might just make you a little bit jollier. I stumbled on the Makeup Revolution brand on Amazon UK and I just had to try out this palette. It's also good to know that a few stores in Nigeria sell some of the brand products as well. 

Top 5 beauty products by makeup artists, Pamela Obi and Toni Esu

Hey guys! In this post, two makeup artists would be telling us their top 5 makeup products that they can't live without and has to be in their makeup kits! Toni Esu would be telling us about her top 5 products in general, while Pamela Obi would be telling us her top 5 branded products! I hope you all enjoy! XoXo! 


Hello cosmetic brand companies, can you please stop giving your products names that are so long?! Lool! Okay, back to business!
W7 really isn't a worldwide popular brand. I remember seeing some of their products on Amazon but not paying so much attention to them. This primer got my attention when when my sister mentioned how different and "unflawless" her foundation looked the day she didn't wear it so I decided to give it a try.


I ordered this product off a website thinking that it was a liquid foundation. When I got it and saw that it was a cream foundation, I decided to stay positive and just try out the product since one of my favorite makeup artists, Jackie Aina is always raving about Sacha cosmetics. Here are my thoughts.


A few months ago, my sister looked at me and said "wow! I can't believe your hair line is receding at the age of 20!" I looked in the mirror and my front hair was completely bald! How did I never notice this?!  I began to think about my life and how I was going to be a 43 year old hairless woman. I was desperate to have edges again and since I don't have the money for a hair transplant, she recommended the Jamaican black castor oil to me and I jumped on the idea.

Worth it or not? Beauty Blender Micro.Mini

  I bought the beauty blender micro mini out of sheer curiosity. I've heard mixed reviews about this but I just wanted to see and have it for myself! I previously reviewed the normal Beauty blender on my blog and you can read it --->HERE. This is not a review but just to find out if it is worth buying or not.

U-Spicy 6 makeup brush set review (Very Affordable)

 I stumbled on the U-Spicy brand on Amazon UK and it led me to this particular brush set. I read the reviews on the brushes and people kept comparing them to Real techniques brushes. I just had to try them out! 


Have you ever gone through just half of your day, you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror and realize that you look like you were dipped in cooking oil and fried like a chicken?? That must really suck! That's why I took a photo of myself looking sad above, but I think it was an epic fail so let's just pretend like the photo isn't there ( ._.) I was with one of my friends recently and she was telling me about her oily skin problems. I started sharing some tips with her and I decided not to be greedy and to share it with my wonderful readers too! :D Check out my tips for oily skin and I really hope you take notes because this WILL change your life! 

REVIEW: L.A Girl pro prep HD smoothing face primer

First off, can we just address the fact that these makeup companies keep coming up with long names for their products?! Lol! It just keeps getting ridiculous.
This L.A girl primer is truly what you call beauty on a budget. It is really inexpensive. Now let's see if this primer works any wonder at all.

Behind The Scenes:- Fashion Campaign photoshoot makeup for Shakara brand

Hey lovies! I decided to show you some behind the scenes photos of the makeup I did for some pretty models at a photoshoot for Nigerian fashion brand called "Shakara". The first model was made up to look innocent while the second was made up to look badass and gangster (based on the requests of the brand owner). No false lashes were also used based on request. Enjoy! :)

Urban Decay VS Lorac eyeshadow primer

I've been very loyal to the Lorac behind the scenes eyeshadow primer (whew! that name is a mouthful!) for a long time now. It's been working perfectly for me and I never saw a reason to change. I recently got my hands on the very popular Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion. While comparing these two, the results actually surprised me and I just had to share it with you guys.

Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick "Lolita"

Hey lovies! I think I've found a new holy grail lipstick. I know I say this all the time but this lipstick is so so beautiful! I've been hearing about the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick for a few months now and I finally decided to close my eyes at the price tag and just buy it! Do I regret that decision? Heck no! 

6 ways to look beautiful in glasses!

I've been using medicated glasses for about 10 years now and i'm pretty sure that i've discovered what works and what does not work for me when using them. For days that i'm not able to use my contact lenses, I try to make sure that my facial features are not masked by my glasses as almost inevitable it is. If I'm wearing glasses, I might as well look like a sexy professor instead of looking like a nerd who just woke up from a bad dream. Here are my tips on looking flawless even when you're wearing glasses. Enjoy :D

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless foundation review!

Hey guys! Happy July! I've heard alot about the Maybelline fit me foundations. I decided to try out the Matte + Poreless line of the foundation because it was the only one I could get my hands on. It's quite popular and I've heard mixed reviews about it. My regular foundation is the Revlon Colorstay foundation which I reviewed HERE so I was excited to try a dewy foundation for the first time.

Lagos Makeup Fair and Makeup Runway 2015

 Hey guys! I attended the LMUF 2015 event some time ago and it was oh so magical! They had the first ever makeup runway show in Nigeria where crazily beautiful makeup looks show cased. Let's just say that it is every makeup lovers dream. I really commend the people behind Pop Concepts for this beautiful and successful event. I actually placed a makeup ban on myself which was meant to end in august but when I heard this event was coming up, I just could not resist. All your favourite makeup stores and brands were there to sell at discount prices. It's also a place to get  products which are hard to find online and in stores. I also learned a valuable lesson that day "Never wear heels to go makeup shopping" lool! Let me stop yapping and let you feed your eyes on these beautiful event photos taken by yours truly :D


Hey hunnies! I know that for my dark skinned beauties, getting a contour shade that is actually dark enough to contour our face and body can be quite hard. I know your struggle and i've got you :D.
Recently, L.A girl came out with a few corrector concealers and also a very dark and very light concealer shade. The only thing I was interested in was that beautiful dark concealer and I kept imagining how pretty my contour would look :D      

BH Cosmetics Glamorous blush palette review

Hey my loves! I can't believe it's nJune! We're halfway into the year already. I'm super excited!
Blushes are one makeup item I never spend a lot f money on. I mostly use sleek blushes but I also wanted a little more variety in my blush collection because I always tend to buy the berry shades. I ended up getting this palette because it was affordable and also has a variety of shades.

Morphe duo fibre buffer brush review

First off, I have only one photo of this brush because taking a photo of it was a struggle and I just gave up so this was the only good one I could get X_X
I bought this brush because it was on sale. I didn't even need it. I buy on impulse when I see makeup on sale but I didn't regret getting it at first.

Hegai and Esther waterproof eyebrow definer (Nubia)

Hey lovies! it's the month of May! i'm so excited because my blog would be a year old this month and i have a makeup giveaway planned for my beautiful followers. Make sure you're following me on Instagram to be the first to know when the giveaway is ready.
Now back to business :D. I recently heard about Hegai and Esther brand. I was quite skeptical about it because I had never heard anything about the brand before. I went on their website and I fell completely in love. I got their eyebrow definer because I read a few good reviews about it and wanted to see if it's a worthy dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade which I reviewed (HERE).

Jioney long lasting lipgloss LLG7 Review

I went into a beauty store with the plan to just window shop and leave. But this Jioney lipstick caught my attention because of how red the product looked in the package. The store owner was surprised I had never heard of the brand. I asked her to give me their deepest red shade and she gave me the LLG7. Apparently, it's a popular brand but not so popular in Nigeria. For the price of this lipstick, it's definitely worth it! 


How annoying is it when you're just half way through the day and your makeup looks like its melting off and crying for help? Or those days when half of your brows have disappeared to who knows where?? o.O Here, I give you my own personal tips on how I get my makeup to last all day! I hope you learn a lot from this. I had a lot of fun creating this video. Too many jokes were cracked =))

Lime Crime Velvetine (Salem) Review

 If you remeber in my "2014 Christmas wishlist" post (HERE) I mentioned that I really wanted to try the lime crime velvetines but I wanted to get the entire range of colours at the same time but it was such an expensive task. So, i've finally decided to get them one at a time. My number 1 shade to get was Salem and that's what I'm reviewing now :D

Colourful spring floral makeup!!

I know, I know, we don't have spring in Nigeria but let me enjoy myself abeg haha!.
Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy this tutorial because its was really fun making it. Plus, I did a whole lot of singing too :D. All products used are listed below.

MUA intense colour eye liner pencil | Review

I was so excited to finally get my hands on this eye pencil. Except for the fact that my sister kept talking about it to me, it's also 1 pound! which is about N300 (Lord help this exchange rate o).  But it's pretty cheap! Do you think it can deliver? hmmmn...let's find out :D

Wearable Egyptian Cut crease makeup

If Cloepatra was Nigerian don't you think she'd probably look like this? :D I planned on doing a normal cut crease makeup look but the hairstyle I had on that day made me go all out and it ended up reminding me of Cleopatra. It's not one of those theatrical and overly dramatic makeup looks because it's actually wearable. Especially when going out at night and you want your eyes to do all the talking for you hehehehe ;). I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. Its very easy to learn and didn't take long at all. A complete list of products used are written below :D

5 ways to spot fake makeup products!

Isn't it so annoying when you take your hard earned money to a store, just to later realize that you bought a knock-off of the original product? It is one of the worst feelings ever! So, in this post I have 5 tips for you to make sure that you never buy a fake product ever again!

4 tips to buying beauty products without regrets!!

Hey my loves! In this post I have a few tips to help you the next time you consider buying a makeup product. This is especially good for people who aren't as obsessed with makeup as I am and would want to invest their money wisely without regrets. I've bought quite a lot of makeup and I've had so many regrets. I keep getting more because I'm always in search of something different. Plus, if I don't keep getting products, there'd be nothing to review for you guys. Hehehe. Follow these 4 tips and watch your list of makeup regrets reduce :D

Kiko #208 water eyeshadow (Used as highlight) | REVIEW

I've been using the kiko water eyeshadow as a highlight for some time now and I'm officially in love.
Joy Adenuga posted it on her Instagram page one day saying that it's an exact dupe for the limited edition Mac 'whisper of guilt' highlighter. From then on, I kept hearing about from other makeup artists and I knew I had to get my makeup addicted hands on them. I've never used the Mac highlighter but I'm pretty much in love this one. I'm sending a big kiss to whoever thought of using it as a highlighter.

Occ liptar- NSFW

I was so excited to get my first occ lip tar. I really love the uniqueness of their product and they have a large variety of shades for both the simple and daring girls. So, I decided to get a red shade because I've decided to expand my collection of red lipsticks. I also saw it on makeupshayla and it looked hella gorgeous hehehe.

Brow Tweezing For Beginners: Picture Tutorial

I can't believe I've never made a brow post on this blog before. I guess it's time to change that. I was about to tweeze my brows and then I decided to show a step by step way of how I do mine. This method is much better and more hygienic than using a blade which could hurt or infect you. I hope it's very explanatory especially for beginners. This is the first step to achieving perfect brows so I suggest you sit tight and learn this little technique :D

Clinique take the day off cleansing balm

First off, you know that bath soap you always use to wash your makeup off after a long day? You should probably trash
Now that we've trashed our struggle bath soap, let's get talking about this baby shall we?. Dinma of thatigbochick blog reviewed it and I deceided to try it out because she highly receommended it.


Hi love buns! I have personally hand picked ten different beauty products that would move your makeup game from basic to *insert a cool word here*. Some of these products have been reviewed previously on the blog while some haven't. I've tried not to be product specific so don't limit yourself to the photos you see. Please explore and find what suits you best. I hope this helps you :D

1. A white eye shadow base. This can be used with almost every eyeshadow colour out there. It makes your shadow pop and some also act as a primer. It's my number one must have this year. I use the nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk.

REVIEW: Mac Runner Lipstick (Nasty Gal Collection)

Heyyy my lovies! Can you believe we're already one week into the new year?! I look forward to a wonderful year for us all. The mac X nasty gal collection was launched in December, 2014 and it's limited edition. They came up with three lipsticks which are Stunner (a bright medium red), Gunner (a deep purple) and Runner (a medium-dark burgundy red). I realized I had similar lipstick shades to Stunner and Gunner but I had nothing like Runner so I decided to get this one.