The Top 5 beauty products on my Christmas wishlist 2014!

I love Christmas! Who doesn't right? It gives me a reason to spoil myself. I like giving, but who doesn't like receiving? Hehehehe. So, in this post I share my top 5 beauty products I'm presently drooling over. They are items I really want but this geographical barrier won't let me be great. I would likely give a gigantic kiss and hug to anyone that gets one for me. Not that I'm secretly hoping someone that has a crush on me reads this post but...<_<

1. Zoeva luxe complete brush set. I've been wanting this brush set for so long but unfortunately, I haven't found a way to get them from Germany. I've heard so many good things about them. I literally stalk their site everyday and imagine myself using the brushes on my face (yes it's that deep). 
Price: £99, $135
2. Dose of colors highlighters. I already had a crush on DOC lipsticks so it's no wonder that immediately these highlighters were launched about a month ago, they immediately sky rocketed to the top of my most wanted list. The swatches are so beautiful and I'm in love with the brand in general.
Price: $28
3. Lime crime velvetines. These are liquid lipsticks that dry up completely matte! The only reason why I haven't gotten these lipsticks is because I want to get the entire velvetines collection at once and that would require some serious mental and monetary preparation. I've been seeing these lipsticks all over my Instagram and they are just so beautiful.
Price: $20, £13.5
4. The balm Mary, Betty and Cindy Lou Manizer. The balm cosmetics have a very unique retro theme to their brand and this attracted me first. Then later, I started hearing of their Mary Lou manizer (it's a highlighter). I did more research and found out they also had the Betty and Cindy Lou manizer. I've tried different ways to get my hands on them but all to no avail. I'm not giving up though. I know I'm still going to get them :D
Price $24, £16

5. Skindinavia finishing spray. This brand followed me on twitter one faithful day and thus began my obsession with their setting spray. I did some research and found out that they are an award winning brand for their finishing spray. They have a primer spray and a setting spray specially for bridal makeup. Fancy right? 
Price: $29

So, these are presently the products on my beauty wish list. I have over 30 products on my list right now but these are definitely my top 5! More Christmas related posts are coming so stay glued to this blog ;)

Are there any products you've been wishing to try out recently? Is your wishlist similar to mine? Please comment below, I would love to know your thoughts :D 


  1. Nice list. Would love the limecrime lipsticks too and covergirl bronzer in ebony bronze��

    1. It's like everyone wants the velvetines. They're so beautiful!

  2. The Zoeva brush set looks amazing!! Let me also join you to stalk it! :D