Makeup Geek pigments are THEBOMB.COM!

 The title of this post definitely says it all about the makeup geek pigments. But then, nobody wants to read just the post title right? I have had my eyes on makeup geek pigments for sometime now. I actually have eyes on almost all makeup products in the world but lets just pretend its just MUG pigments for now :D. Recently, I was able to get my hands on four of the pigments that were at the top of my list which are Insomnia, vegas lights, liquid gold and utopia.All the pigments came with a generous amount in the jar except utopia which was a lot less than the others. All the pigments reveiwed in this post are all warm toned.



This is a dark brown pigment with reflects of teal. When swatched or when applied, it can look predominantly teal but with a closer look, it has a brown base and the teal is what sits on top which makes it quite opaque. It applies easily and it is very pigmented especially when used with a wet brush. It has fall outs like all pigments and this is inevitable but then, that is probably what you get for such beautiful colour payoff. See swatch below



Vegas lights is a gorgeous copper glitter pigment. It is glitzy and bright so I understand why it was named vegas lights. It reminds me of beautiful autumn leaves. I have an autumn makeup tutorial with this pigment a few posts back. For completely opaque application, use it with a wet brush. Since it's glitter it doesnt come togethher so well so some liquid is needed for a much better application. There is a lot of fall out with this pigment but it's definitely worth it. See swatch below.


Liquid gold was my second most wanted MUG pigment from the moment I saw it on their website. When I finally got it and opened it, I gasped. Yes guys, it's that beautiful. It is a metallic true gold pigment and it is very pigmented! I had to emphasize that. It reminds me of those ancient Egyptian gold jewelry that are just so beautiful. It also reminds me of the story of the ancient Greek King Midas (I have a weird imagination, I know :D). It has a very smooth texture and can be applied with a wet brush for intense colour payoff or with a dry brush for a wash of colour. See swatch below.



I literally fell in love with this pigment the moment I saw it on the MUG website. Anytime I wanted it, it was always out of stock. I was finally able to snag it after subscribing for an email alert when it came back it stock. It is a mixture of deep brown and antique gold glitter duo-chrome. It has reflects of green, purple and pink glitter when in the light. I just kept moving it under the light to see the different beautiful reflect of colours. It reminds of of an inter-galactic world from outer space. It is best applied with a wet brush and not so good with a dry brush. This is the only pigment that actually came with a sifter which I hate. But who cares about sifters when you have such a stunning pigment before you?! :D

My photos do no justice to all these pigments, I took over 50 shots but my camera just was'nt picking up the colours the way I wanted :(

From left to right: Vegas lights, Liquid gold. Insomnia and Utopia
Price: $6.99
Where to buy: Makeup Geek website (They deliver world wide)
Please comment below. I would love to know your thoughts! :)


  1. I'm loving Vegas lights!

  2. I have my eye on Vegas lights *lovestruck*

  3. I'm not so not so crazy about makeup but you make want to just buy all of it!

    Love the review!!

  4. Please how long did it take for your makeupgeek order to be delivered to Nigeria?

    1. About 2 weeks. It can take up to 3 weeks during peak periods

  5. Wow,dts rily good.Thanks a lot for your swift reply