I just discovered my undertone. Have you?!

 I used to dislike the idea of undertones just because it always left me confused. There are various ways to determine what undertone you are. I tried different ways but I was never sure. Sometimes I would hear, people say "this palette is more warm so if you have warm undertones it would be perfect for you" or "This eyeshadow palette would look so beautiful on people with cool undertones" and I would just be there, not sure whether to purchase or not :s . Undertones help in so many ways. It determines what kind of jewelry would make you glow, what colour of clothes would compliment your skin, what shade of powder/foundation to use and what colours of makeup would make you look fabulous. So, here is how I finally found out my undertone! :D

 1. The colour of your veins. Basically, if your veins are green your undertone is warm. If they are blue, your undertone is cool. But if your veins are both blue and green, you have a neutral undertone.    
My veins are completely green!!
 2. What jewelry suits you better. If gold jewelry suits you better than silver, you have a warm undertone. If silver suits you better, you have a cool undertone. But if both go well on your skin, youre more likely neutral

the gold necklace looks great on me :D
I don't like the way the silver looks on me :(

3. How does white paper look against your skin? If the paper makes you look dull, you are warm. If it makes your skin glow, you are cool. But if it has no effect on your skin whatsoever, then you have neutral undertones.

4. What colours suit you better? If colours like red, orange or yellow, suit you better then you are most likely warm. If colours such as blue, teal and purple, suit you better then you are most likely cool. But if anyone goes, then you are most likely neutral.

So, after going through all these tests, I've realized that I have warm undertones! (Hurray for me!) hehehe. You guys should try this and tell me the results. I would live to know.
      NOTE!! It is possible to have both features of warm and cool tones but if your warm features are more than your cool features, then you most likely have the undertone of the dominating one. For example, if you are 59% cool and 41% warm! then you definitely have cool undertones. 

I hope this post helped you in one way or another, please leave a comment for me. I would love to know your thoughts!! :D


  1. I love this!!! First of all i believe this should be shown to all the ladies out there going crazy for silver engagement and wedding bands believing its whats in vogue. Whatever white people do should not always apply to you! They do this because most of them have cool undertones and silver looks gorgeous on their skin. Nigerians and their follow follow mentality. Anyways im sticking with the traditional yellow gold wedding band for my beautiful chocolate warm undertoned skin. Lol. Thanks for this blog post sweetie ��

    1. Wow. I've never thought of it that way lol! But I'm happy this post made sense to you :)

  2. This is the first post about undertones that I actually understand... Thank you