The Top 5 beauty products on my Christmas wishlist 2014!

I love Christmas! Who doesn't right? It gives me a reason to spoil myself. I like giving, but who doesn't like receiving? Hehehehe. So, in this post I share my top 5 beauty products I'm presently drooling over. They are items I really want but this geographical barrier won't let me be great. I would likely give a gigantic kiss and hug to anyone that gets one for me. Not that I'm secretly hoping someone that has a crush on me reads this post but...<_<

I just discovered my undertone. Have you?!

 I used to dislike the idea of undertones just because it always left me confused. There are various ways to determine what undertone you are. I tried different ways but I was never sure. Sometimes I would hear, people say "this palette is more warm so if you have warm undertones it would be perfect for you" or "This eyeshadow palette would look so beautiful on people with cool undertones" and I would just be there, not sure whether to purchase or not :s . Undertones help in so many ways. It determines what kind of jewelry would make you glow, what colour of clothes would compliment your skin, what shade of powder/foundation to use and what colours of makeup would make you look fabulous. So, here is how I finally found out my undertone! :D

Makeup Geek pigments are THEBOMB.COM!

 The title of this post definitely says it all about the makeup geek pigments. But then, nobody wants to read just the post title right? I have had my eyes on makeup geek pigments for sometime now. I actually have eyes on almost all makeup products in the world but lets just pretend its just MUG pigments for now :D. Recently, I was able to get my hands on four of the pigments that were at the top of my list which are Insomnia, vegas lights, liquid gold and utopia.All the pigments came with a generous amount in the jar except utopia which was a lot less than the others. All the pigments reveiwed in this post are all warm toned.