Loving and caring for your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are responsible for those flawless, neck breaking, traffic stopping makeup looks we usually have. So, the least we could do is to show them some mama love and care right? Good quality brushes are made to last for several years. Here are easy ways to make sure your makeup brushes stay in good shape and last for a very long time. You guys can thank me later ;)

  1. Store them properly facing upwards in a storage cup or in a tidy brush roll where each brush has it's own individual slot. You can even use a cute drinking cup to store your brushes. In the beauty world, we embrace creativity :D 
  2. Clean your brushes at least once a week. Washing your brushes can be a serious chore. If this was a crime, I'd be in the federal prison serving life =)) But we have to do what we're meant to do.
  3. Wash brushes with good soap in a swirling motion on the palm and rinse thoroughly until all soap residue is gone.
  4. Never completely immerse your brushes in water because the bristles are glued to the base and water softens the glue and therefore causes the bristles to fall off no matter how expensive your brushes are.
  5. Dry your brushes facing downwards or lying down flat. So that the water doesn't go down to the base of the bristles. We all know what happens when we do this :( 
P.S I have a secret or not so secret way of washing my brushes that make them go back to being pure white and looking exactly the way they were when I bought them. I'd be sharing this soon with you guys. Keep checking back for my next brush care post. But for now, my lips are sealed :x :p 

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  1. Please do a detailed post on how to clean a beauty blender. I'm afraid I'll destroy mine If I wash it
    I'd very much appreciate
    Thanks baby