KEYWORD: What is the best mascara for you?

We all know using mascara on your lashes can change your look from bleh to va va voom! This mostly happens when you get the right mascara for your lashes.There is a mascara made to meet the needs of all lashes whether you want your lashes to look thicker, denser, longer, or you just want one that won't run down your face when you cry or get wet. Here are quick tips to using key words as your guide to locating and purchasing the best mascara for you! :D

  • Thickening mascara formula is made to make your lashes look thicker. This is great for people who have very sparse lashes and want to give the illusion of thicker lashes. So, when purchasing a mascara, you should search for the key word which is 'volumising' or 'thickening'. A good volumising mascara is the Cover girl clump crusher mascara.
  • Lengthening mascara formula is made to make your lashes look longer. This is usually better for people who have short lashes like me :( and want to make your lashes appear longer, So, when purchasing a mascara, you should look for the key word which is 'lengthening'. A good lengthening is the Rimmel London lash accelerator endless mascara. Phew! that's a mouth full!
  • Water proof mascara formula is perfect for when you want to go swimming, when the weather is rainy, if you live in a humid climate and also when you're going for an occasion where you know you would probably sweat or cry. This mascara is there to save you in all these situations. So, the key word to look for is 'water proof'. A good water proof mascara is the Benefit they're real mascara. This one literally stays glued to your lashes.

These are tips I live by when it comes to mascara and it's specially given from me to you. I hope it helped you in some way ;D
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  1. Love this! I use Jordana volumising mascara and it does wonders! It's also very affordable. Nice blog post.

  2. Thank you for this post!
    very helpful