Inglot AMC #77 gel liner

I've been on an eyeliner obsessive rampage for sometime now (not like I don't obsess over every single makeup product <_< ) and that led me to this inglot gel liner. I usually use the wet n wild gel liner that people always rave about but to be honest, I was never impressed with it. It just never had what I was looking for in a gel liner. Plus, it dries up hard as rock. One of my favourite Makeup Artists, Amrezy uses this inglot gel liner with every single look she creates and she always looks stunning. 

When I first got this gel liner and opened it, my first thought was "this jar certainly feels cheap -_-" because I love my Jars to feel strong and sturdy like the Anastasia dipbrow pomade jar and this one is plastic so I was already skeptical about the product itself. 
Once I dipped my brush into this product, it sunk in so well. I swatched it on my hand and it felt so creamy and was as dark as I've always wanted my gel liners to look. I always want my eye liner to pop and this did exactly what I wanted. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I'm still in love
Another good thing I noticed is that normally, when I use gel products I always have to keep dipping my brush into the jar to get more product but this doesn't happen with this bad boy. One dip of your brush is enough to create a complete winged liner. It's quite creamy so I'm pretty sure it won't dry up as fast as most gel liners do. It's also very matte and that is one thing I love.
It doesn't set too fast so you have time to perfect your liner and correct mistakes but once it sets, it does not budge at all. I've swiped my finger several times over it and it did not move. It stays on all day for me. Ironically, when taking off your makeup for the day, it's not hard to remove and I'm happy with this because I don't like struggling to clean off my eye liner because it causes wrinkles around the eyes.
This is my first Inglot purchase and I am quite impressed. But I still think they should do something about that jar hehehe.
What are your favourite gel liners? Do you have anyone you think I should try? Please leave a comment for me down below :)

Price: N2,300
Where to buy: Inglot store at The Palms, Lekki or Here

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  1. I love Inglot liners; they are so black and better. Better than MAC fluidline imo