KEYWORD: What is the best mascara for you?

We all know using mascara on your lashes can change your look from bleh to va va voom! This mostly happens when you get the right mascara for your lashes.There is a mascara made to meet the needs of all lashes whether you want your lashes to look thicker, denser, longer, or you just want one that won't run down your face when you cry or get wet. Here are quick tips to using key words as your guide to locating and purchasing the best mascara for you! :D

Inglot AMC #77 gel liner

I've been on an eyeliner obsessive rampage for sometime now (not like I don't obsess over every single makeup product <_< ) and that led me to this inglot gel liner. I usually use the wet n wild gel liner that people always rave about but to be honest, I was never impressed with it. It just never had what I was looking for in a gel liner. Plus, it dries up hard as rock. One of my favourite Makeup Artists, Amrezy uses this inglot gel liner with every single look she creates and she always looks stunning. 

Lorac Pro Palette 2 Review

The Lorac pro 2 palette was launched in June this year and created quite a buzz in the beauty community following it's predecessor, the legendary Lorac pro palette. I'm talking like it's a nobel prize winning person :'D. But this is what makeup lovers do hehehe. Now, let's see whats so special about the pro palettes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate

Of course I was going to review the anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade! Hehehe. I'm pretty sure some of you saw this coming. As usual, Natha is the last to get on the boat of this product. But better late than never right?.The infamous Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade literally turned the makeup community upside down. It's a creamy formula specially made for precise sculpting of the brows. It's supposed to make the brows look flawless and at the same time natural. It's water proof and smudge proof. It's lond wearing and you just need a little product to work your magic.

Loving and caring for your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are responsible for those flawless, neck breaking, traffic stopping makeup looks we usually have. So, the least we could do is to show them some mama love and care right? Good quality brushes are made to last for several years. Here are easy ways to make sure your makeup brushes stay in good shape and last for a very long time. You guys can thank me later ;)