Makeup Geek Corrupt: Blackest black eye shadow ever!

Yup! you guys read the title right. This makeup geek eye shadow in corrupt is the blackest and darkest black eyeshadow in the beauty market right now. When I heard people rave about it i'd be like oh please! it can't be that dark, stop exaggerating. I was a doubting Thomas until I bought it recently and now I regret being the last person to get on the train. I remember looking at it and thinking 'this is probably how dark the tar in hell is'.

This swatch doesn't do justice to the pigmentation of this baby. I struggled and struggled with lighting to take this photo thinking how would I get the perfect photo so that my readers can see the true colour of this beauty?!
One good thing about makeup geek eye shadows is that you get Mac quality eye shadows for a drugstore price. The eye shadows are even better than most high-end ones. 
It can be easily blended and application is a breeze. For this shadow, you don't even need a base before you apply it because either way, you'd still get it's true shade.
For now, I haven't seen anything negative about this eye shadow. The price is right and the quality is perfect!
Price: $5.99
Where to buy: Makeup geek store

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My NYSC camp skin care + my experience

I went to the NYSC camp really determined to maintain my skin no matter what. I didn't want to come back home with breakouts, dark spots or looking 100x darker than my complexion. You really don't need the most expensive skin products to have healthy skin. Just pay attention to the basic needs of the skin and this can go a long way.