Beauty blender: The ultimate solid cleanser

Yup! Maranatha is back again with another product from the beauty blender. But let's face it guys, this company is pretty cool. Just sit back, read, and find out why they still remain cool.

I purchased the real techniques miracle complexion sponge long before I got the beauty blender sponge. The RT miracle complexion sponge is coral (this is what made me buy a black beauty blender :|)  in colour and not so easy to clean. I tried everything to clean it and the foundation stains just didn't budge. I had already given up on the sponge and concluded I would have to be purchasing the sponge whenever it got dirty. Then, one day I stumbled upon the beauty blender cleanser, read a few amazon reviews on it and decided to give it a go. This soap worked like magic! All the stains came right out of the sponge! I was literarily   dancing for joy. 
Its really easy to clean! Just wet your beauty blender and rub it all over the soap, then massage your sponge until it lathers and all the dirt comes right off. Rinse it in water, squeeze and leave it to dry!
It smells so nice. It leaves my sponges smelling like lavender. 
It can also be used to clean your makeup brushes. But I don't use it on my brushes because it's quite pricey and it would use up a lot of the product. I can't be buying this every month.
It comes with a little tray which you can place your soap on after use. This way, all the water on the soap dries off and the product doesn't waste.
I only wish it was a bit larger in size and also cheaper. It seems ridiculous paying so much for this bar of soap.

Where to buy: Amazon  (I'm still searching for a store it's sold in Nigeria) 
Price: $13.75

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  1. Yay! Finally! I've been looking for a cleanser that for my sponges! Thanks Natha

  2. I agree with you. This company is prett cool

  3. Hrd of this from their instagram page although there is a cheaper and great method as well.using your facial scrub to clean ur blender.its on my blog.