Revlon colorstay foundation

I've been using this foundation for a long time now and I think its long due for a review. Don't you agree?. I've been using the one for combination/oily skin even though my skin type is normal. Don't judge me for using the wrong foundation for my skin type. I wanted something matte and i'm stubborn. I've blocked my ears to all the preaching and I stand my ground hehehehe :D. Anyhoo, let's get down to the reviewing shall we?

I'll just go straight to the pros and cons of this foundation.

  • It lasts all day! When I use this in the morning and I go back in to check it in the mirror at night, this baby just keeps hanging on to my face. It's like I can hear it screaming I'm never letting go of you maranatha! I love you! Weird right? o.O
  • It's matte. This stays true to it's claims. I'm very sure that you ladies with oily skin would definitely benefit from this. You know those days when it seems like your nose can light up an entire dark room? Say bye bye to shiny reindeer nose :D
  • It's inexpensive for its quality. This is suitable for those ladies on a budget. It has better quality than some other expensive products out there.
  • It comes in a wide range of shades. This makes it really easy to get your shade without having to buy two foundations and mixing them together like a science project. This is really unusual for most drugstore foundations. 
  • It doesn't have a pump. Getting the product out can be annoying without a pump and it could also be messy. Sometimes it's like a volcano( the foundation bottle) erupted and the larva (foundation) just goes everywhere it's not meant to. Yup! I've got a crazy imagination.
  • It can look really cakey. Because its a full coverage foundation, it tends to get cakey when applied. So, a little goes a long way. Most of the time, when this happens i just spray on some fix+ and voila! My skin looks natural and dewy.
Based on this review, it's now up to you to decide if you want this or not. I personally like this because it's perfect for the humid weather of the country I live in.

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Price: N3,600 (Prices are subject to change)
Please comment below on your thoughts :)


  1. I just started using this last week and its the best foundation ever!! I hate that it does have a pump especially coz I have to mixed two colours! lol
    I hope the pump from my photo ready fits tho or Ill just look for where I could get a pump
    Nice review!!

    1. Thanks! I've always wondered whether the mac pump would fit. If the photo ready doesn't fit, maybe one can try that


    1. Lol! Don't worry. I gat you dear. I suggest you go to Casa Bella store. I'm not sure which mall it is but it's probably one of those ones that have shoprite in it. They sell in their Lagos store and I'm pretty sure they would have in their Abuja store. Also, the online stores I mentioned above ship nationally. I hope this helps :)