Beauty blender: The ultimate solid cleanser

Yup! Maranatha is back again with another product from the beauty blender. But let's face it guys, this company is pretty cool. Just sit back, read, and find out why they still remain cool.

Beauty blender: The ultimate sponge

I know most of you probably would have heard of the beauty blender and its magical powers. Incase you haven't, you're about to.

Revlon colorstay foundation

I've been using this foundation for a long time now and I think its long due for a review. Don't you agree?. I've been using the one for combination/oily skin even though my skin type is normal. Don't judge me for using the wrong foundation for my skin type. I wanted something matte and i'm stubborn. I've blocked my ears to all the preaching and I stand my ground hehehehe :D. Anyhoo, let's get down to the reviewing shall we?