Mac brush cleanser review

The Mac brush cleanser is one product I do not regret buying and I’m sure I would continue to purchase it until I find a better product. One thing that makes me happy about this product  is that you are given a whooping 235ml of the liquid and I must say that it is definitely worth the price. It’s also anti-bacterial, killing all the germs and bacteria in your brush. That way, you’re basically using one stone to kill two birds :D.

It doesn't require any effort that is out of the ordinary. I just put some of the liquid on a disposable kitchen towel or tissue and gently rub the surface of the brush on the towel. You will see the entire product coming right out of the brush and unto the towel. I have noticed that powdered products like eye shadow, powder blush and face powder all come off immediately after the first try. Cream and liquid products like foundation, concealer, cream blushes and gel liners usually come off after two or three tries depending on how dirty the brushes are.
I have never used any other brush cleaning liquid. But, based on what I have read about others, the Mac one beats every other cleanser out there. So, I give the cleanser 85% just because I know they can make a better one.
Have you tried any other brush cleanser that you think is better than this?
Price: N3,500
Where to buy in Nigeria: Any mac store around you

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  1. I use Zoeva it's really good, never tried mac so can't compare :) nice review

    1. Thanks! I've heard good things of the zoeva brand especially their brushes. Hoping to get my hands on them soon :D

  2. Lovely review, I have been looking for a good brush cleanser. Will definitely purchase this!

    Adaora x