Urban Decay Electric Palette (new obsession)

I obsess about so many beauty products but i'm really in love with this palette! The UD Electric palette came out early this year. Apparently, Urban Decay lovers were getting tired of the naked palettes which comprised of only neutral colours. So, urban decay decided to feed us colour lovers with this palette and satisfy our colour craving. Basically, this is supposed to be a go-to palette for anyone that needs a touch of colour to any makeup look.

Rimmel stay matte primer review

I used to use the l'oreal studio secrets primer but it just wasn't cutting it! I have normal skin so my face hardly  gets oily/shiny. But on those hot days when the weather decides to punish us for our sins, the "glow in the dark" look is inevitable. So, I've been on a mission to find out the best primers out there. I stumbled on the rimmel stay matte on amazon. It had some pretty good reviews so I decided to have a go at it.

The Top 5 beauty products on my Christmas wishlist 2014!

I love Christmas! Who doesn't right? It gives me a reason to spoil myself. I like giving, but who doesn't like receiving? Hehehehe. So, in this post I share my top 5 beauty products I'm presently drooling over. They are items I really want but this geographical barrier won't let me be great. I would likely give a gigantic kiss and hug to anyone that gets one for me. Not that I'm secretly hoping someone that has a crush on me reads this post but...<_<

I just discovered my undertone. Have you?!

 I used to dislike the idea of undertones just because it always left me confused. There are various ways to determine what undertone you are. I tried different ways but I was never sure. Sometimes I would hear, people say "this palette is more warm so if you have warm undertones it would be perfect for you" or "This eyeshadow palette would look so beautiful on people with cool undertones" and I would just be there, not sure whether to purchase or not :s . Undertones help in so many ways. It determines what kind of jewelry would make you glow, what colour of clothes would compliment your skin, what shade of powder/foundation to use and what colours of makeup would make you look fabulous. So, here is how I finally found out my undertone! :D

Makeup Geek pigments are THEBOMB.COM!

 The title of this post definitely says it all about the makeup geek pigments. But then, nobody wants to read just the post title right? I have had my eyes on makeup geek pigments for sometime now. I actually have eyes on almost all makeup products in the world but lets just pretend its just MUG pigments for now :D. Recently, I was able to get my hands on four of the pigments that were at the top of my list which are Insomnia, vegas lights, liquid gold and utopia.All the pigments came with a generous amount in the jar except utopia which was a lot less than the others. All the pigments reveiwed in this post are all warm toned.

KEYWORD: What is the best mascara for you?

We all know using mascara on your lashes can change your look from bleh to va va voom! This mostly happens when you get the right mascara for your lashes.There is a mascara made to meet the needs of all lashes whether you want your lashes to look thicker, denser, longer, or you just want one that won't run down your face when you cry or get wet. Here are quick tips to using key words as your guide to locating and purchasing the best mascara for you! :D

Inglot AMC #77 gel liner

I've been on an eyeliner obsessive rampage for sometime now (not like I don't obsess over every single makeup product <_< ) and that led me to this inglot gel liner. I usually use the wet n wild gel liner that people always rave about but to be honest, I was never impressed with it. It just never had what I was looking for in a gel liner. Plus, it dries up hard as rock. One of my favourite Makeup Artists, Amrezy uses this inglot gel liner with every single look she creates and she always looks stunning. 

Lorac Pro Palette 2 Review

The Lorac pro 2 palette was launched in June this year and created quite a buzz in the beauty community following it's predecessor, the legendary Lorac pro palette. I'm talking like it's a nobel prize winning person :'D. But this is what makeup lovers do hehehe. Now, let's see whats so special about the pro palettes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate

Of course I was going to review the anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade! Hehehe. I'm pretty sure some of you saw this coming. As usual, Natha is the last to get on the boat of this product. But better late than never right?.The infamous Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade literally turned the makeup community upside down. It's a creamy formula specially made for precise sculpting of the brows. It's supposed to make the brows look flawless and at the same time natural. It's water proof and smudge proof. It's lond wearing and you just need a little product to work your magic.

Loving and caring for your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are responsible for those flawless, neck breaking, traffic stopping makeup looks we usually have. So, the least we could do is to show them some mama love and care right? Good quality brushes are made to last for several years. Here are easy ways to make sure your makeup brushes stay in good shape and last for a very long time. You guys can thank me later ;)

Makeup Geek Corrupt: Blackest black eye shadow ever!

Yup! you guys read the title right. This makeup geek eye shadow in corrupt is the blackest and darkest black eyeshadow in the beauty market right now. When I heard people rave about it i'd be like oh please! it can't be that dark, stop exaggerating. I was a doubting Thomas until I bought it recently and now I regret being the last person to get on the train. I remember looking at it and thinking 'this is probably how dark the tar in hell is'.

This swatch doesn't do justice to the pigmentation of this baby. I struggled and struggled with lighting to take this photo thinking how would I get the perfect photo so that my readers can see the true colour of this beauty?!
One good thing about makeup geek eye shadows is that you get Mac quality eye shadows for a drugstore price. The eye shadows are even better than most high-end ones. 
It can be easily blended and application is a breeze. For this shadow, you don't even need a base before you apply it because either way, you'd still get it's true shade.
For now, I haven't seen anything negative about this eye shadow. The price is right and the quality is perfect!
Price: $5.99
Where to buy: Makeup geek store

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My NYSC camp skin care + my experience

I went to the NYSC camp really determined to maintain my skin no matter what. I didn't want to come back home with breakouts, dark spots or looking 100x darker than my complexion. You really don't need the most expensive skin products to have healthy skin. Just pay attention to the basic needs of the skin and this can go a long way.

Beauty blender: The ultimate solid cleanser

Yup! Maranatha is back again with another product from the beauty blender. But let's face it guys, this company is pretty cool. Just sit back, read, and find out why they still remain cool.

Beauty blender: The ultimate sponge

I know most of you probably would have heard of the beauty blender and its magical powers. Incase you haven't, you're about to.

Revlon colorstay foundation

I've been using this foundation for a long time now and I think its long due for a review. Don't you agree?. I've been using the one for combination/oily skin even though my skin type is normal. Don't judge me for using the wrong foundation for my skin type. I wanted something matte and i'm stubborn. I've blocked my ears to all the preaching and I stand my ground hehehehe :D. Anyhoo, let's get down to the reviewing shall we?

Elf eye shadow primer (Beauty on a bugdet)

Remember in my mastering the art of eye shadow post where I mentioned getting a good primer?  Well, the elf eyelid primer is actually one to consider if you're on a money saving mission :) 

Royal Care Cosmetics gold premium kabuki brush set

 Every makeup and beauty lover is always looking for a bargain on products. If we aren't waiting for the next big sale, then we are searching for dupes of those really expensive products. Well my beautiful readers, today I bring you my latest beauty find which is the Royal Care brushes. I first heard about this brand last year from my sister when she told me people were going really crazy for their brushes and that they are dupes for sigma brushes. I got my hands on these brushes over a month ago so here are my sincere thoughts about them.

3rd Annual Lagos Makeup Fair + mini haul

The LMUF is a two days beauty shopping event for all makeup lovers which I attended. I first heard about the LMUF two years ago after the first event took place. I also missed last years event and I made up my mind not to miss this one. Fortunately for me, I heard about it just in time to attend it yesterday. This event was sponsored by maybelline new york. It was super fun and every one was talking about the same thing that we all love (makeup!). Beauty stores present included Maybelline new york, Accessoriesng, Mymakeupng, Gifty's daughter, Stella's addiction,Sleek studio, House of Tara e.t.c. It is like the IMATS of Nigeria. Immediately I got into the place, it felt like I was in makeup heaven :D. Here are some exclusive photos taken by yours truly.

Mac brush cleanser review

The Mac brush cleanser is one product I do not regret buying and I’m sure I would continue to purchase it until I find a better product. One thing that makes me happy about this product  is that you are given a whooping 235ml of the liquid and I must say that it is definitely worth the price. It’s also anti-bacterial, killing all the germs and bacteria in your brush. That way, you’re basically using one stone to kill two birds :D.

Best beauty tips ever! Goodbye pimples and acne!

One of the most important ways of getting a beautiful makeup look in reality is to have good skin. Do you wonder why your friend uses the same face powder as you but hers looks way better? It's most likely because you have pimples and acne. I have been against pimples and acne almost all my life and it has been going very well for me. Unfortunately, yesterday I ate groundnuts and woke up with a big fat pimple on my face :(. Anyways i'v decided to give a few tips on how to avoid and get rid of pimples and acne for good!

Maybelline Baby Lips (Pink Punch) Review

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to get soft and luscious lips is to have a quality lipbalm. Well, if you didn't know, now you know. The Maybelline baby lips has been hyped so much in the beauty industry that one would wonder why there is so much fuss about a lipbalm o_O. I was also among those people until i actually got it! Now I can say I that I am proudly a part of the Maybelline Baby Lips Association (I made that up lol). So guys, let's find out why this lipbalm is worth the hype.


Hey guys! today i'm going to be giving you a few tips on getting that flawless and perfect eyeshadow look that we all yearn for. All these tips given are completely based on my personal experience through the mistakes, mishaps and what i've learned so far. Hope you enjoy this! :)


 I managed to get my hands on this "bad boy" just a while ago and I must say I AM IMPRESSED!!!. some people say it's just water but this is like the mother of all liquids! lol.